Brian Woods Memorial Grand Prix of Cyclekarts

CycleKart Events

Friday July 8, 2022
Westridge Shopping Centre
7:00pm - 8:30pm

- This is a slow speed Drivers Challenge, designed to showcase the Driver and Cyclekart ability to maneuver a pre laid out course in a paved parking lot.
- Fun for both drivers and spectators
- Speeds less than 10 mph will be the maximum for the event.
Show & Shine
Saturday July 9, 2022
Whiskey Jack's parking lot
10:00am - 12:00pm

- Basic outdoor Show & Shine in a parking lot or grassed area for the public to view CycleKarts which are registered to the 2nd Annual Canadian Grand Prix of Cyclekarts
- Family attraction with FREE admission
Grand Prix of CycleKarts RACE Simulation
Saturday July 9, 2022
12:00pm - 2:00pm

- Simulation of a 1920's European Grand Prix where Cyclekarts will drive around a course laid out on a paved city street(s)
- Course will be closed to public traffic during the race and all intersections and turns are marshaled
- Appropriate barricades, cones, signs and hay bales would be used to ensure the safety of the Cyclekart Drivers and spectators
- Speeds will be less than 30mph for these simulations
- Drivers will be required to have all safety gear necessary for this event including helmets, gloves, long sleeves, etc.
Gravity Race Simulation
Saturday July 9, 2022
End of Paynter's Road
7:00pm - 8:30pm

- This event will be a simulation of old style 'Soap Box Derby" gravity racing, where 2 Cyclekarts will run head to head with their drive cains removed and no motor running
- Hill will be a paved street, closed to public traffic, with appropriate barricades, road closure signs, Marshalls, and spectator control officials
- Drivers will be required to wear appropriate safety gear
- Speeds are not expected to exceed 35 mph, dependant on length of hill

NON Spectator events
On private land - To be advised

Off Road Time Trials
- To be held on Private Property, and not open to spectators
- This will be a timed event on and off road closure designed to showcase the durability of the CK's and drivers ability to maneuver over uneven terrain
- Appropriate safety gear will be required to be worn during this event, and corner barriers and hay bales will be used for driver safety while on the course
- Speeds less than 30 mph are anticipated for this event
Hill Climb
- This is a non spectator event that will be held on private property with a short dirt hill to challenge our CK that due to lack of power are not at their best at uphill grades
- Safety gear will be required to be worn and Marshalls will be placed to monitor the course and assist drivers in case of difficulties
- Speeds less than 20 mph are anticipated at this event
Mountain Tour
- This will be a drive through 'Forestry Roads' high above the valley floor, designed for Registered participants to see some of the Okanagan back country
- Route will be 10-20 miles in total length and a leisurely pace will be encouraged and advised.